• Old Havana Buick
    This is the first edit I have done in around two weeks. I’ve been doing everything else but photography lately. Spending time in the woods is good for me.

    This shot is from the fall of 2016 in […]

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    On my way to Iceland in July 2017 I had a 10 hour layover in Montreal. So I grabbed my camera, my drone, and headed to town. Hmm, maybe I should edit some drone footage…

    I believe this concrete art […]

  • Black Rock Lighthouse Service
    I didn’t really take many photos at burning man this year. So I am resorting to posting some images from last year. To read about why I didn’t shoot much in 2017 check out my blog […]

  • Mourea Carving
    I really don’t know any history or story about this carving. It was located really close to a free WiFi location by the library in Mourea, New Zealand. Last night I went through some old photos for […]

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  • House on the Beach in Iceland
    I’m back at it again. I finished my first program of volunteering in Reykjavik and I have a few days to myself to rest, relax, and process some images. This shot is located only a […]

  • Vancouver Library
    One of my favorite buildings is the Vancouver Library. I remember going to the old library as a kid and thinking how small and crowded it is. The new(ish) library is way nicer. Spacious and […]

  • Flying Home
    Heading from Burning Man back to Vancouver. I stopped over in San Francisco. I shot about a hundred photos out the window of the plane. Not something I normally do but the clouds on this trip are […]

  • Grenada Street Lamp
    Looking at things is interesting. Sometimes it’s important to look at things upside down as well. This is a street lamp along the main street in Granada. I shot it on one of my many walks […]

  • Two Horses
    Driving back to Reykjavik from the south shore of Iceland I came across these two horses. They are super friendly and ate up the nice fresh grass I fed them. Icelandic horses are bred for their […]

  • Hallgrímskirkja Church
    The most prominent object on the Reykjavik skyline is the Hallgrímskirkja church. Located on Skólavörðuholtið hill the church lends a distinct visual flavour to Reykjavik. The church is the […]

  • Broken Dam
    Third photo on my week of Iceland. I missed yesterday due to a day trip for to see the total eclipse of 2017. I actually saw the totality which is far more amazing that I can put in words or show in […]

  •  Glacier Lagoon
    Along the South Shore of Iceland is the Glacier Lagoon. Google says it’s only a 4 hour drive from Reykjavik, But with all the stopping to take photos it took me more like 14 hours. I arrived at a […]

  • Roadside Creek
    This is the first post of a week of photos from Iceland. Its almost impossible to take bad photos there. This shot of a roadside creek was taken a few steps away from the main highway along the […]

  • Cambie Bridge and False Creek
    An evening shot taken from the south side of False Creek in Vancouver, BC. Its a great place to go for evening golden hour and blue hour shooting. Awesome scenery and great […]

  • Science World Vancouver – Lightroom and Photoshop Edits
    Today I made a video of myself editing a photo. I decided to upload it to Youtube and make a blog post about it. It was super easy to create this video so I […]

  • False Creek Skyline
    Wow, it’s been forever since I posted any images. Well that’s going to change. I’ve been shooting like crazy here in Vancouver so prepare yourself for many, many more Vancouver shots. Also, I […]

  • Granada Balconies
    Just one example of the cool architecture in Granada, Spain. This is in a modern area and is much different than most of the buildings in the Albayzin area which are hundreds of years old. I […]

  • Iglesia de Santa Maria de la Alhambra
    Doing the evening tour of the Alhambra is by far the best time go to. No need to get up early in the morning, and I got the chance to make this image. Shot from the gardens […]

  • Sue the T-Rex.
    Another shot of Sue the T-Rex. This one is a whole lot closer. I’m actually really surprised I was able to get a shot with no one in the frame because the place was so crowded when I was there. […]

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