I created this Affiliate Disclosure to show how I use affiliates programs on this site. What that means is if you click on one of the links to one of my affiliate partners AND make a purchase, then I will receive a percentage of that purchase. This does not mean that you are paying any extra for the product if you buy it through my link. The product will cost the exact same amount as if you were to directly to that partner’s website.

Important! – I only partner with affiliates for products or services that I use and recommend. If I don’t like or don’t use a product, then I’m not going to tell you to buy it just so I can make a quick buck. That would be a crappy thing for me to do. So I don’t do it.

I like to think I am helping the community by providing my thoughtful commentary and recommendations for specific products that I use and have already paid for myself. Please help me to continue creating content and to maintain this website by using my affiliate links when you purchase any of the products I endorse.

What do my Affiliate Disclosures look like?

Affiliate disclosure – I receive a percentage for every sale of any product purchased using the affiliate links in the area below this disclosure. That includes the links on this page too! (The titles for each affiliate is also a link to their site.) Please help support me to continue creating content by using the links below to make your purchase.

How much do I make?

The amount that I receive is different for each affiliate I partner with. Sometimes I will receive a flat rate based on how many items I sell, and sometimes it will be a percentage. With some partners the percentage I receive will increase if my monthly sales rises above certain thresholds.

Below I list the agreement I have with each of my partners. Note: These agreements may change over time at the discretion of the affiliate partner.


I receive a commission on “booking departures”. a booking departure means a customer has booked, stayed, and checked out of the room. The percentage increases with thresholds at increasing booking departure levels. There is an increasing rate of percentage with increased sales. With less than 50 booking departures I receive a 35% commission. For 1000 booking departures my commission is 60%.

With Agoda I pay a processing fee that is 2.6% of what the purchaser pays Agoda for the room.


I receive 20% of my net sales per month. The percentage increases with thresholds at increasing levels of monthly sales value. With $500 in sales per month my compensation increases to 25%. for $8000 in sales per month my commission is 60%. I also receive $0.35 for each download.

In order for me to receive a my commission the purchaser must make the purchase within 45 days of using my affiliate link. Return customer payouts apply for 3 occurrences.

HDRsoft – Photomatix Pro

I receive 30% of my net sales per month. Basic and simple.

Stuck in Customs

I receive 30% of my net sales per month.


According to Adobe i’m supposed to get 70% of whatever I sell. But I don’t believe it. I’ll update this when I find out.

Amazon – Currently Inactive

Wow, Amazon makes it complicated. There are two ways I earn money.

There is a Standard Advertizing Fee for Special Products where I can earn a commission for Qualifying Purchases. What is a qualifying purchase? I have no idea. The percentage I make ranges between 1% and 10% depending on the category the item is sold from.

The second way is Volume-Based Advertising Fee Rates for General Products. The percentage I can earn on these is based on the number of products shipped or downloaded per month. Under 6 items and I receive a 4% commission. More than 3131 items and the commission increases to 8.5%

Reading further on the Amazon Affiliate compensation page there are many more tables and schedules to cover all of the products and services that Amazon offers. If you are really interested you can check it out yourself, but it’s far too extensive to include on this page.