Ahmedabad Street Kids

During one of the ceremonies, called a Poojan, that took place at a temple I noticed these three kids waiting outside patiently. As people walked by they would do a gesture where they touch their hand to their mouth, asking for food. The ceremony was pretty freeform so I took the opportunity to interact with these kids. Neither spoke the others language, but they were very willing to smile, giggle, and allow me to take their photos.

I had neither money or food to give them but their smiles got huge when I showed them the images on the camera.

Leaving the temple everyone is given a gift that is basically a sweet ball. Normally the ball is not eaten in one go but crumbled and added to other food. I gave my ball to these girls and after I did they wandered away from the temple, off to forage elsewhere.

The poverty here is always present and obvious. I can not imagine the life in store for these three. I realize there is nothing I can do to change the level of poverty here. It is hard to see this and just walk away.

Image edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

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