Alleyway in Dublin

Alleyway in Dublin – Triptych. ISO 6400, 35mm (equivalent), f/11, 1/105th sec. Fujifilm X100S, Handheld

Alleyway in Dublin

Im taking a bit of a step away from the HDR and the beach shots for today. Believe me there are a few more lined up in the que so this should be a bit of a relief. These images were edited in Lightroom, then combined using Photoshop. I then used the Intensity Pro plugin to make the mid tones a bit sharper, and add just a bit more snap to the image. The last touch was to add a bit of vignette in Lightroom then export the entire image.

I found an awesome alleyway when I was exploring Dublin.I forget exactly where it is but I really like the light that came through. Also people kept walking though the alley so I ended up moving around a bit hence the differing framing for the three shots.

I have found that portrait oriented images really don’t show up well on Pixelbip so I have decided to focus on landscape or square framing. I liked each of these images on their own, but because they are portrait I was unable to use them. Then I had the brilliant idea to combine them into one image and this is the result.

Looking at this has inspired me to seek out a specific alleyway in Victoria. So the  plan for tomorrow is to get some more alleyway images.

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