Anjuna Flea Market

Held every Wednesday the Anjuna Flea Market was started in 1975 by hippies who had run out of money and were willing to sell or trade what they had to keep living in Anjuna. These days it has more vendors from Tibet. Refugees trying to make a living in India.

the selection of items for sale is great. However a lot of stuff is not very high quality. Everything can be found in less touristy places for less money. It is a great place to just hang around or practice bargaining skills. I was offered a Pashmina scarf for 1250 rupees. This is 10X what other vendors were offering. I tried talking the guy down but eventually I decided not to buy. As I walked away he started following me and eventually had the price down to 100 rupees. At that point I didn’t buy just on principal. The other factor is that there is no guarantee that the item is made of the fabric the vendor is claiming. I’m not an expert in fabrics and cant tell a synthetic blend from a silk and wool blend.

The image was bracketed on my Sony A7Rii and processed in Aurora HDR Pro, Lightroom, and Photoshop

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