Big Sky

Big Sky – HDR image, ISO 800, 35mm (equivalent), f/14, 1/180 sec. FujiFilm X100S

Big Sky

Big Sky was shot in Montana of course. It seems they have a valid argument for using “Big Sky Country” as one of their unofficial slogans. It always feels like it takes a week to drive across Montana. this is rarely the case, but it sure feels that way.

Very little modification was done to this image. I blended the HDR file, created with Photomatix Pro, into the original raw file in order to increase the shadows under the clouds. The ground was given a little bit of saturation and contrast. A very tiny bit of vignetting was done to help draw the eye to the center. This is actually something I do with most of my images. Many photographers would argue I shouldn’t but I don’t care. If I like it I will keep doing it.

One of my favorite things about this image is that there are no jet contrails that conspiracy theorists could confuse with Chem-trails. Don’t get me started on this. It seems like some people can build a conspiracy on almost anything.

Here is the original image.

Big Sky raw

Big Sky raw image

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