Blue Duck Station Nightime Sky

Blue Duck Station Nightime Sky – ISO 160, 14mm, f/2.8, 30 second, Sony A7rii, Tripod

Blue Duck Station Nightime Sky

This is my first attempt at doing astro photography. Everyone else in the Stray bus group is off partying, and Jai and myself were geeking out with his 14mm lens. What a great lens, and man is it ever fun doing these long esposures.

In this shot I was able to capture a plane flying through. Kind of looks like a shooting star. On a couple of other exposures I was able to capture sattelites orbiting through the heavens.

The shack in this image is the room I stayed in for two nights at Blue Duck Station. It was the honnymoon suite, yet it had 4 beds. So I guess they are prepaired for all kinds of wedding parties to stay the night there.

Image was processed in Lightroom, and a big nasty piece of dust was removed using Photoshop.


I am finally going to adjust my blog posting time to the actual time zone I am in. This may mean there is another day where no post goes out. I’m kind of tired of doing all the time zone conversions so its just going to be what it is. Apologies, but I am not a Time Lord and can’t keep track of all this timey wimey stuff.

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