Chiang Mai Grand Canyon

Chiang Mai Grand Canyon

At one time the Chiang Mai Grand Canyon was a quarry. Eventually it filled in with water. Then someone had the bright idea to start charging tourists to go swimming there. The cost is only 50 Baht to get in which is about $1.50 USD so it is totally reasonably priced. However you can’t bring your own food and or beer, unless you put them in your camera bag and don’t tell them you have any…

I had an awesome day hanging out with friends here yesterday. I even jumped off the cliff into the very warm and clean water. The first thing I noticed is I don’t float as well as I did swimming in the ocean in Cambodia. Treading water is much more work when the water has no salt in it.

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This image is shot on my Sony A7R II and processed in Aurora HDR Pro. Tweaking was done in Lightroom and Photoshop, and final noise reduction done in Macphun’s Noiseless CK.

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