Cobblestone Thief

Cobblestone Thief – ISO300, 35mm (equivalent), f/2.0, 1/15 sec, Fujifilm X100S, Handheld

Cobblestone Thief

Nothing fancy done on this shot at all. Some tweaks in Lightroom to convert to black and white, then some contrast adjustments.

This young gentleman was working a scam with another younger apprentice. The Cobblestone pub is located in Dublin. I was enjoying a beer and traditional Irish music jam session after exploring the old Guinness brewery earlier in the day.

These two chaps walk in. I would say they were ages 11 and 13. The younger one walks to the other end of the bar and starts hassling the bartender, distracting him from this fellow. While it appears he is waiting for his friend and enjoying the music, what you cant see is that his right hand is filling his pockets with fistfulls of beer coasters.

My best guess is that after the two left they likely had loads of entertainment flinging the coasters at each other, or whatever pleased them.

Either way, their scam was well executed and professional. I admired thier creativity by snapping this image so I could remember the evenings events.

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