Cyberduck, a better way to upload files to Amazon S3

Amazon S3

Part of my learning curve in setting up an online store is that WordPress will not host a downloadable file greater than 50 MB. This presented me with a huge problem as I am creating texture package ZIP files that are as large as 1.5 GB. I had to find an alternative and what I found was the I had to find an alternative and what I found was the Amazon S3 service. For a small fry like me it’s free to use as long as I keep my storage under 5gb. Free is awesome, and it will take me a while to reach that 5 GB level.

Two months ago when I started playing with S3 I was able to upload my first texture package which was 250 MB. Everything went well. The only hitch I had was the plugin that integrated S3 to WordPress. After three weeks of working with WooCommerce tech help a solution was found. WooCommerce wont tell me what that solution was, and honestly they were really challenging to work with. I literally had to continue to beg them to get any kind of help.

Second Attempt

Today I completed four more texture packages. I logged into the Amazon S3 console and started to upload. I noticed pretty quick that the uploads were failing, and restarting. I tried uploading the files separately in the hopes that a smaller upload file would work. I was mistaken.

Using Google I found a few upload managers for Amazon S3, but they were either designed for Windows operating system, or they required me to purchase the software. I’m all for paying for software that is useful, but I really hate to pay for software when I have not been able to test it first.

Then I found that I would be able to use Cyberduck to connect to Amazon S3. I already use Cyberduck to FTP into my WordPress site when I need to get my hands dirty so I am somewhat familiar with the software. Add to that Cyberduck is FREE!!! A quick tutorial let me know i was required to create a new security ID, and secret ID password to allow Cyberduck access to the Amazon S3 login. No problems, I had already practiced creating new S3 users and ID’s previously. So even though the S3 console is very much not user friendly I was able to figure it out.


Finally after several hours of frustration with Amazon S3 server, and searching Google I was able to upload my files to S3. Sometimes a bit of perseverance pays off. Now I just hope that people buy the texture packages I uploaded so that I can literally get some payoff. This freelance blogging/photography is not a piece of cake.

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