Dallas Road Beach

Dallas Road Beach – ISO 100, 16mm, f/16, 30 sec. Canon 5DM3, Tripod

Dallas Road Beach

Today was gloomy, overcast, and raining. I had planned to get out and do some shooting but after looking out the window decided to just stay in. Just before sunset I saw a few blue spots in the sky so I headed down to the ocean to try and get some sunset shots. Well I missed the sunset by about 15 minutes. It was just starting to rain but I figured that both the camera and lens should be water sealed, so I let myself get rained on for a bit. I’m thinking of heading back to the beach tomorrow night. as I drove home I came across a different section with rocks that extend out into the water. I’m going to see what I can get in that location.

Just before this image was shot I wiped the gathering raindrops off the lens. I still had to do some magic in Photoshop to get all the drops off the lens though. This is a 30 second exposure. The image has been processed in Lightroom, Photoshop, Intensify Pro, Noisless Pro, and Snapheal Pro. This is just one exposure with no HDR processing.

After the rain got too hard I ran back to the car for cover. As I drove home the rain got worse so I left the beach at a good time. However just before I got home it let up so I went to the top of Mt. Tolmie and did a few more shots. I’ll post more on that tomorrow.

For anyone who actually reads this I have put the EarthToKeir website life again. So far there is no new content, but there have been a few design changes. More to come in the next week or so as well.

Growing up one of my biggest dreams was to explore the world. Honestly I never thought this would become reality. But at the end of 2014 I quit my job as a project manager to do just that. I sold most everything I own, packed up the remaining boxes in storage, and set out to see the world. My goals while traveling are to meet people everywhere I go, work on becoming a better photographer, and attempt to stay where the weather is not freezing. Along the way I am posting photos at Pixelbip.com and writing about my experiences at EarthToKeir.com