Dolphins Playing

Yesterday’s post was the boat ride to where the Dolphins hang out. Today is a photo of a couple of the Dolphins themselves. Unfortunately I got rid of my GoPro just before leaving for New Zealand, but then how many cameras along with various chargers, cables, batteries, and accessories can a person fit into a small backpack. So I was unable to get any images of the Dolphins while I was swimming with them.

But after all the swimming the tour boat motored around a little and we were able to see the dolphins surrounding the boat and playing in the pressure wave caused by the bow of the boat. This day was really one of the most fun things I did the whole time in New Zealand. The Dolphins actually make eye contact and start to play with you. They really like it when you dive down as deep as you can.

Unfortunately I didn’t keep the information for the tour company but they are located downtown in Kaikura, New Zealand. I definitely recommend this activity if you can ever make it down to visit.

The image was processed in Lightroom, Photoshop, and Macphun’s Focus CK.

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