Don Det Sunset

Don Det Sunset. So I have not been able to post to Pixelbip for the last four days. I have been on the tiny island of Don Det in Laos. This has to be the most primitive place I have ever stayed. There are still modern conveniences like beer, and there is a bar that shows Friends episodes all day long. There are no paved roads, nor are there cars. And the one thing that is really lacking is internet access. Every place on the island advertises free WiFi. The reality is that very few of those connections are even fast enough to get on Facebook or check email.

Don Det is my favorite place in Laos. Vang Vieng comes close but Don Det wins out. I could see myself staying there for two months before noticing that time has gone by.

So now i’m in Cambodia staying at the Tropical Breeze Guest House. Welcome back to real world Wifi, clean rooms, and the english language!!

This sunset photo was taken off the balcony of one of the many restaurants along the west side of the island. They all serve pretty much the same food for about the same price, but this one had an especially nice view.

The image is HDR created with Aurora HDR Pro. Final tweaking done in Lightroom.

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