Dublin Castle located, oddly, in Dublin Ireland

Dublin Castle – HDR image, ISO 1250, 35mm (equivalent), f/8.0, 1/400 sec. Fujifilm X100S, Hand held.

Dublin Castle -in the heart of Dublin

It looks more like a bureaucratic building than a castle. There are other areas which look a whole lot more castle like but with the amount of tourists present It just wasn’t possible for me to frame a shot that I was happy with. I can’t say I know too much about Dublin Castle because I did not do either the guided tour nor the self guided tour. I was feeling like saving my money for beer instead. Luckily enough, just after I wandered around the castle, the next place that I stumbled across was the Guinness Storehouse. Next time I am in Dublin I will take the Dublin Castle tour. I have read lots of reviews on Trip Advisor and it seems like a lovely place. Educate yourself more than I did by checking out the Wikipedia article.

To take this shot I had to dodge a group of school kids and patiently wait while other tourists slowly wandered out of my frame. I think I sat on the ground for about 15 minutes waiting for this shot. Dublin Castle is right in the main area of Dublin where most of the tourist attractions are. Assuming you are not afraid to walk, and have good shoes, you can pack in quite the busy day in a fairly small area of the city.

I created this image using Photomatix Pro. No tripod was used as I was just too damn lazy to take one with me on this trip. I was flying on Ryan Air so I was trying to keep my carry-on bag to one 40 liter backpack. There just wasn’t room for a tripod. However I now know that I could have taken a second carry-on bag with no penalty. The things we know in hindsight, right? Also I have just found the perfect tripod for travelling. Unfortunately they are out of stock at the moment but as soon as they build more I will for sure be buying a tripod from 3 Legged Thing.

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