Garh Palace Main Yard

I had so much fun exploring this palace ruin. I even came across a room with Bats! And they started flying around my head. I did not scream. It’s a bit of a hike to get to the Garh Palace Main Yard. At least I think its called the main yard. Its an open space right behind the main inner gate to the Palace grounds.

I can’t imagine a place like this ever being open to the public anywhere but in India. The place is falling apart. The ground is covered in loose stones, dirt, and garbage. If this was in the west visitors would likely have to sign a release form to be able to get into the door. Even then there would be places barricaded for safety. Here the most effort put towards safety was some bailing wire in front of an area that had a 30 meter drop just past it.

What an amazing place to explore though. I am currently reading Game of Thrones and this palace made me believe I was in the book. There is no consistency in the construction. every door is of a different size, and many are very small. Steps are random height and the angle of incline is different on each staircase. There are railings at knee height. Just high enough to trip a person over the edge into a deathly fall.

I’m so excited about this place I want to do a larger album on my blog. It may take me a couple days to get that done though. Still so much to see and do here in Bundi.

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