German Steel Furnace

German Steel Furnace – HDR image, with textures. ISO 1250, 35mm (equivalent), f/8.0, 1/140 sec. Fujifilm X100S, Hand held.

German Steel Furnace

This brings to the end my week of adding textures to each and every image I posted. Some of the textures were very subtle as in the photo I posted today. It was already very dramatic with the HDR from Photomatix Pro, added then changed into black and white. I felt a subtle texture in the sky as well as on the blast furnace itself would make a bit starker.

This is located on a man made lake in the Dortmund area. This used to be one of the big steel producing regions of Germany. Also known for beer production. Interesting how Blue collar jobs and beer production often happen in the same city no matter where in the world you travel. Well the entire steel manufacturing area has been dismantled and turned into a lake with residential areas surrounding it. Also the brewery is now gone as well. Another coincidence? Who knows, I’m really not all that current on German economic trends.

Still it was a really lovely place to walk around. There are lots of great sites and restaurants in the area so after a long walk it’s convenient to grab a bite or at least some ice cream.

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