Glacier Lagoon

 Glacier Lagoon

Along the South Shore of Iceland is the Glacier Lagoon. Google says it’s only a 4 hour drive from Reykjavik, But with all the stopping to take photos it took me more like 14 hours. I arrived at around 10pm which is the perfect time to take photos. This is the second image in my weeklong series of images from Iceland

There are many tourist sights much closer to the main area of Reykjavik but I think the Glacier Lagoon one of the highlights of Iceland. As I drove closer I found it hard to believe there would be icebergs. The ocean surrounding the area warm enough to cause the ice to melt very quickly. However the lagoon keeps filling up with more ice as it breaks off the Esjufjöll glacier.

As you stand by the lagoon its possible to hear the crack and roar of ice breaking off the glacier. Then an approaching yet subtle crunching sound as the resulting wave causes ice to grind and bump. The final effect is a set of small waves lap the shore by your feet.

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