Guinness 7th Floor Pub

Guinness 7th Floor Pub – ISO 6400, 35mm(equivalent), f/2.0, 1/75 sec. Fujifulm X100S, Handheld.

Guinness 7th Floor Pub

One of the best parts of visiting the Guinness Storehouse is the pub they have on the 7th floor that overlooks the city of Dublin. The entire surrounding walls are made of glass except where the elevators are located. The view is great, and the beer is even better.

This image has been edited in Lightroom. The most challenging thing is that there was a bunch of noise because the ISO was set so high. Fortunately I just bought and installed the Creative Kit from Macphun. Currently the software is on special so I got a kickin’ deal. Included in the kit is Noiseless Pro. So I gave it a whirl on this image. While the Lightroom noise settings did a good job, the image looks so much better after being put through Noiseless Pro. I’m not sure how long their sale is going on, but check the link and find out.

I have to say I left this place a little bit drunk. Fortunately I found a pub right afterwards and was able to sit and listen to traditional Irish music before heading home for the night.

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