Handwoven is how everything in this mans shop is made. He is the only weaver who still does everything himself in the town of Bundi. Most stores that sell fabrics purchase them from large manufacturers. This guy does all his fabrics himself. He weaves only using cotton, and because his colours are woven together they are less likely to bleed like fabrics that have the colour printed onto them.

He was very excited to show me how he does the work and it was obvious the pride he has in what he does. We talked for a while before I asked if I could take his photo.

What struck me most is the wall behind him. You can see where he leans back against it as his back and head have left a mark on the wall from repeated resting.

The image was taken yesterday on my way to check out the Saturday bazaar in Bundi. This is one Bazaar that really did not seem to exist for tourists. Rather it had the feel of a place that is mostly frequented by locals. Of course there were shops that are obviously set up for tourists, but the majority seemed to just be normal shops selling what they sell.

The setting for the Bazaar was really great too. The main downtown part was mixed up between the ruins of temples, gatehouses, castles, and an abandoned water reservoir. Monkeys, there were monkeys everywhere. The seem hang out around the edges of the bazaar just like kids, watching whats going on, but not participating.

Growing up one of my biggest dreams was to explore the world. Honestly I never thought this would become reality. But at the end of 2014 I quit my job as a project manager to do just that. I sold most everything I own, packed up the remaining boxes in storage, and set out to see the world. My goals while traveling are to meet people everywhere I go, work on becoming a better photographer, and attempt to stay where the weather is not freezing. Along the way I am posting photos at Pixelbip.com and writing about my experiences at EarthToKeir.com