At the wedding reception Jai asked for a Hitman photo. I looked around to try and find some lighting that would work and came up with this. This image is heavily modified in Lightroom, Macphun Tonality CK, and photoshop.

When this gets posted I will be on a flight to Goa. Looking forward to starting the next phase of my travels. Truly solo traveling. Up till now I have been traveling with Jai through New Zealand, and staying with him here in Vadodara. Tomorrow everything changes.

Growing up one of my biggest dreams was to explore the world. Honestly I never thought this would become reality. But at the end of 2014 I quit my job as a project manager to do just that. I sold most everything I own, packed up the remaining boxes in storage, and set out to see the world. My goals while traveling are to meet people everywhere I go, work on becoming a better photographer, and attempt to stay where the weather is not freezing. Along the way I am posting photos at Pixelbip.com and writing about my experiences at EarthToKeir.com