House on the Beach in Iceland

House on the Beach in Iceland

I’m back at it again. I finished my first program of volunteering in Reykjavik and I have a few days to myself to rest, relax, and process some images. This shot is located only a half kilometer from the volunteer house I stayed at in Reykjavik. You don’t have to go far to find beautiful locations in Iceland. I could not think of any better name for this image than House on the Beach in Iceland.

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The image required only minor tweaking in Adobe Lightroom. I increased the shadows to bring out the details in the rocks in the foreground. Blacks were brought down to increase the contrast, and vibrance is only slightly boosted. Thats it! Sometimes it’s a drag to carry a tripod everywhere I go especially as I live out of a backpack. However for images like this I sure appreciate having it available and I will not give it up.

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