Ice Man

Ice Man. Surrounding all the ruin sites in Angkor Wat are locals selling things. Many are selling overpriced post cards, paper weights, and keychains. There are also restaurants set up that are made from bamboo poles and grass roofs. They are ridiculously overpriced when compared to places to eat in the city of Siem Reap.

The Tuk Tuk drivers that take every tourist to the ruins seem to have deals set up with specific restaurants. It seems the drivers eat for free yet us tourists pay $5 for a sandwich that consists of a tiny french roll, with some coleslaw and a few pieces of chicken. The thing is I ate it and paid for it because there is just no alternative.

On the first of three days of touring the ruins I saw this guy out behind the restaurant cutting up ice for several of the food stands in the area. He was more than happy to let me take his picture. To get this angle I had to stick my head through the railing on the side of his ice cart. I was trying to make the ice blade look as dramatic as I could.

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Shot on my Fujifilm X100T and processed in Lightroom, Photoshop, and Tonality CK. Editing consisted of removing some of the saturation and vibrance of the image, sharpening things up a bit, then doing a small amount of dodging and burning to separate the Ice Man from the background.

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