India via Suvarnabhumi Airport

It’s hard to walk around the Suvarnabhumi Airport and not be amazed at the architecture of the place. I don’t remember being in an airport and feeling the constant need to try and get another shot of a part of the building. The lines and textures drew me in and kept me looking for different ways to see the building.

For this shot I did have to wait till there was very little movement. However I am super impressed with how Aurora does such a great job of deghosting when processing an HDR image. It makes the process so much easier and less intensive for me.

I wish the airport offered as many places to sleep as it did places to take photos. I had a 12 hour layover at Suvarnabhumi while traveling from Auckland to Delhi. After a 10 hour flight and a quick trip to Khao San Road I was feeling super sleepy. I ended up crashing on a very uncomfortable airport bench. Fortunately hours of sleep on the Stray bus in New Zealand prepared my neck and body for yet more hours of twisted sleep.

The image was  shot on my Sony A7Rii (Amazon) and processed in Aurora HDR Pro, Lightroom, and Photoshop.



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