Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop – HDR Image, ISO 1600, 35mm (equivalent), f/4.0, 900 Sec. Fujifilm X100S, Hand held.

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop is one of the many cool buildings you will find walking around the French Quarter in New Orleans. I spent a couple days there in March of 2015 while on my U.S. Roadtrip. I used Photomatix Pro to do the HDR then did some final changes in Lightroom to get the exact look I wanted. This image was taken before I was doing any extra layers or texturing in Photoshop, but I am extremely happy how it turned out.

I find that one of the most difficult subjects to use HDR with is people. The problem is they move, ever so slightly, even when you ask them to stay still. When that slight movement happens extra time is required to get rid of the “ghosts” that appear when you blend the images together. In this case I did not even have the ability to ask people to stay motionless. I just patiently waited until there was very little movement and then shot the image. Sometimes patience pays off, and I think I got really lucky with in this case.

The only problem that I had with New Orleans is that I did not spend enough time there. The next time I return I plan to do things very differently. I want to see more of the different areas of the city, and I also want to have a local person, preferably a fellow photographer take me around to see their favorite spots in the city. I find it’s always good to have a local friend or minder when adventuring out in unfamiliar cities, even in ones considered safe. As a stranger I am aware that I have no idea of local culture, boundaries, and customs and having a helpful hand is extremely helpful.

Todays post is brought to you from the lobby of the beautiful Colonial Manor in Victoria BC. My carpets are being cleaned in preparation for selling the condo. Thus I am sitting in the lobby waiting for the job to get done. Come to think of it I don’t even have a place lined up to sleep at tonight. I should get that set up soon…

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