Legislative Chamber British Columbia

Legislative Chamber British Columbia – HDR image, ISO 1250, 23mm, f/5.6, 1/640 sec, Canon 5DM3, Handheld (resting on a gate)

Legislative Chamber British Columbia

This is a fancy room where politicians make stuff up. It has lots of fancy traditions. Like when the Speaker of the house is elected he runs from the room and is hauled back in. This dates back to when the Speaker had to report to the King of England, and if the King did not like what was said he would kill the Speaker. so I guess historically people didn’t want that job.  I had a friend in high school who worked as a paige here. They said that mostly they were just used as a way for the politicians to shuttle their porn around the room. The gallery on the upper level is to allow the public to view any proceedings. Although I believe that is only allowed a few times each year.

The image was combined in Photomatix Pro from 5 photos bracketed one stop apart. I actually shot 7 images, but the +-3 images were thrown away because they really did not add anything to the mix. There was some minor cropping done to remove the part of the door that was showing on the left side. As this was shot on the Canon I was able to use the lens correction profile that is built into Lightroom.

After combining the images the carpet got some strange light and dark speckling, so I copied the layer, added gaussian blur to the lower layer, then used a layer mask to paint through the softer layer underneath. Because the carpet is so saturated I think the effect worked ok.

Another really strange artifact that happened is that the chairs turned purple. I ended up dragging that color channel down to remove the purple without affecting the rest of the image.


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