Mekong Boatman

Mekong Boatman

To get to Champasak you need to cross the Mekong river. There are a slew of boatmen for hire available to give a ride. When I was on my return trip across the river on my way to Don Det there was a bit of confusion about who was supposed to be our boat driver. Fortunately the owner of the guest house where I stayed has a son who owns a boat. A call was made and this guy showed up. The ride across the river is approximately 10 minutes and is pretty uneventful. There are few sights to see along the way besides islands, the occasional bird, and many other boats.
Champasak was not my favourite place to be, but that might have had a bit to do with a combination of the weather, the short time available, and the fact that it was off season. There really is not much of a town and that limits the food options. Our guest house had a kitchen that served food, but I don’t like to eat in the same place all the time. Fortunately once the touristing and photos were done at the ruins I only had to spend one night there. Also this was the first time that I knowingly was sharing a room with a rat. I saw it run across the one of the ceiling beams. Of course there were also thousands of Gecko’s, but I like them because they eat the bugs.
This shot was taken with the Fujifilm X100T. I edited it in Lightroom and Photoshop. Very little editing was done besides increasing the clarity and vibrance of the image. A small bit of dodging was done to bring out some of the details in the shadow areas.

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Unfortunately my internet seems to be down at the moment, so I think I am going to head to the mall to post this image. This is the first time there has been a total internet outage in my building that has lasted several hours. While its a hassle in that I can’t do any research while I am working at least it does force me to keep on task and get things done. Well things that don’t require WiFi…


Hey! This is my 300th photo that I have posted. Holy Crap thats a lot of photos!

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