Mildreds Frozen Yogurt

Mildreds Frozen Yogurt – HDR Image, ISO 1600, 35mm (equivalent), f/8.0 1/170 sec, Fujifilm X100S, Handheld

Mildreds Frozen Yogurt

Shot in New Orleans in spring of 2015. The three images that make up this photo were bracketed +-1 stop due to the fact that the FujiFilm will only bracket that far apart. How I wish this camera would bracket +-2 stops. It would be such an improvement over the current limitations. And this could easily be done with a firmware fix, so I have no idea why Fuji limits it the way they do. Very frustrating. The image was combined into HDR using Photomatix Pro, and final edits done in Lightroom.

I didn’t have any of Milfreds Frozen Yogurt, but i’m sure fine stuff.

In other news. Flight from NZ to India has been booked! Looking forward to being able to post photos from other parts of the world. Things are getting cold here in Victoria, and I am eager to be on my way to warmer and more scenic lands.

This is what Mildred’s looks like when you are drunk.

MIldreds Frozen Yogurt Drunk

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