Monk Using iPhone

Monk Using iPhone. I had to keep shuffling behind this monk to try and hide his iPhone. He kept moving and trying to get a better angle on the photo he was taking. Another monk who was with him was looking at me and laughing. Anyway. I was able to get the shot off eventually.

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I used Macphun’s Tonality CK to convert this to black and white. I just used one of the many presets, then tweaked things a bit to soften the image up a bit. The I threw it into Photoshop along with the original image and added just a touch of colour to the monk and his robes.

The shot was taken at Doi Suthep which overlooks Chiang Mai. The day I was there was hazy due to the time of year. The farmers in the surrounding areas are burning their fields at this time of year and it creates a smog effect that blankets the city. It does make the sunsets very vibrant, but it also makes visibility not so great.

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