Moonshine, Cambodia Coast Midnight Moonlight


Moonshine. No not that kind of Moonshine. This is yet another shot taken just before I went to bed last night. It’s the first night that I have seen the moon so bright as I was heading off to sleep. Now I just keep my Sony mounted to my tripod all the time. It’s really easy to grab the whole thing and walk the 15 meters down to the beach from my bungalow.

I ended up only taking two exposures. Not much chance to get a whole lot of variety. I was actually surprised at how bright the image turned out considering everything was totally black. Except for a bit of the moon’s reflection on the waves. Because the exposure is so long the waves are not even visible in the image. I had to expose for 25 seconds to make this shot. In fact it was so dark at the beach that it took me a couple minutes to realize that I had sat down about 3 meters from another person. Just hanging out at the beach.

Whats going on

I have 5 more nights here in Sihanoukville, and I am taking full advantage of the total laziness and relaxation that this place provides. Also taking full advantage of the constant surf breaking. At least once per day I’m spending a half hour body surfing followed by an hour or so of laying on the beach. After being stressed and working so hard for so many years it’s quite challenging to turn off the part of my brain that keeps telling me to stop being lazy and do something. I’m working hard at suppressing the little voice in my head that tells me I am wasting my time and my life on this beach. I honestly can’t remember when I have spent this length of time doing absolutely nothing and I feel so much better for the experience.

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The image is initially edited in Lightroom with a bit of Photoshop. But I found it still lacked something. So I threw it into Macphun’s Intensify to see what I could do with it. A bit of tweaking later and I was much happier with the end result.

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