Mount Phousi Sunset

Mount Phousi Sunset. Tonight I climbed the local mountain just for the sunset. Turns out half the tourists in town also decided to be up there tonight. So instead of getting just the sunset over the Mekong river I decided to include all the people as well.

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The images was edited with Aurora HDR Pro, Lightroom, and Photoshop. I realize the leaves of the tree are not looking the best but im also just getting to bed so it will have to do for today. I am playing a lot more with blending non HDR exposures into the HDR image to try to get a better colour balance in some areas, while maintaining the HDR effect in other places. I left my drawing tablet in Thailand when I left Chiang Mai so it is a bit more difficult to do the editing. But then I’m doing all this work on a 13″ screen, and I’m half blind. I really wonder how these images look on a nice 24″ monitor.

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