Mt Tolmie Storm

Mt Tolmie Storm – ISO 1000, 16mm, f/8.0, 30 sec. Canon 5DM3, Handheld

Mt Tolmie Storm

I got rained out while shooting along the beach so I headed for higher ground. I missed the sunset but with the long exposure the lights from the city make the clouds glow very nicely. While it wasn’t raining hard there was still moisture in the air so I had to keep wiping the lens dry in order to get a clear shot.

The wind as blowing really hard and even though I used a tripod I was pretty sure the camera was still bouncing around. You can see that the grass in the foreground is all blurry and fuzzy. That’s because the wind was whipping it around like crazy. The blur in the clouds is also as it came out of the camera, I did not add any motion blur in photoshop. I bracketed the shots I was taking with the intent of making this an HDR image, but in the end decided to use the best exposed photo and threw out the rest.

For this photo I did something a bit different. In Lightroom I edited it three separate times. The first time I got the city looking how I wanted, the second I got as much detail as I could in the grass. With the third edit I concentrated on the sky. Then I imported all three images into Photoshop CS6 as layers. Using layer masks I blended the three images together to get the look and feel that I wanted. I did a bit more subtle editing in Intensify Pro, then cleaned it up i’m Lightroom by removing noise and adding a slight bit of sharpening.

Generally I am happy with how this image turned out. It definitely looks much more dramatic than I thought it would.

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