Nam Kahn Bamboo Bridge

Nam Kahn Bamboo Bridge. The Nam Kahn river feeds into the Mekong river. This bamboo bridge is built every year in dry season, then when rainy season starts it is disassembled. The rainy season for this year is just around the corner so the bridge may come down any day now. While not a super spectacular bridge it’s worth the 5000 Kip to cross it and just see the other side of the river. The bridge itself is very flimsy and moved a lot as I walked over it.

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The image is HDR created with Aurora HDR Pro. Originally I was not happy with it so I threw it into Tonality CK to see how it would look in black and white. Turns out there was a preset that made everything blue and look like night time. So I took that version and used photoshop to layer it onto the original. This gave me the balance of yellow and blue I was looking for. I’m not sure who the tourist on the bridge is but I thought I would leave him in instead of taking the time to vaporize him.

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