North Avenue Beach

North Avenue Beach – HDR 1 image, ISO 125, 24mm, f/18.0, 1/th Second, Canon 5D, Handheld

North Avenue Beach

This photo was taken on a very cold February morning in 2010. It is a single image that I played with in Aurora HDR Pro to widen the dynamic range as much as I could.

Photoshop was used, with the help of some gaussian blur, to help me get rid of the nasty noise that showed up in the sky. Also the spot healing brush eliminated a huge amount dust that was crammed onto the sensor. If there is one thing that HDR software will do it’s blatantly show how much dirt is on the sensor.

This is the first time I have edited any of the images I took on that cold morning. It was so cold I called the album Cold Fucking Morning. Maybe I avoided working on the images because it brought back memory of how cold it was. Or perhaps it was the memory of being out on that cold morning after having a large mug of Get Regular tea. Either reason my butt muscles got a great workout keeping clamped shut.

Looking back I am pretty happy with the images. Besides the massive amount of dust on the sensors there are actually quite a few good shots. I will likely be posting a few more from this o-so-memorable morning.

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