North East Moat Corner

Holy cow! Finally a photo from Chiang Mai! The North East Moat Corner is a shot I have wanted to get for about 4 days but was too lazy or busy with other things to get around to. Well now I did it. Ended up doing about a two hour evening walk around the Old City in Chiang Mai. So many cool things to see, and the smell of the street food was so amazing. I am definitely liking the food in Thailand. Tonight was spicy noodles with pork and entrails! Not the most appetizing name, but wow was it ever delicious. And so hot I actually cried.

This image is HDR. I used Macphun’s Aurora HDR Pro to create the HDR. I also did all my layer edits in Aurora instead of Photoshop as I normally would. I did use Photoshop to do some dodging and burning, and to remove a few dust spots that still appear to be on my sensor. Not sure if the spots are left over from before or are new ones I have gathered as I switch out my new 35mm lens. Lightroom was done for some final tweaks and amazingly enough to DECREASE the saturation of the colours. Yeah, I know. The sun was actually that orange IRL.

Finally I am posting another article on my blog. It’s been a while writing this but I have posted an article on my time in Bundi, India. Check it out, there is a slideshow with 88 awesome images from Bundi posted along with the article.


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