One Tree Hill Sunset

One Tree Hill Sunset – HDR, ISO 100, 15mm, f/9.0, 1/250th second, Sony A7Rii, Tripod

One Tree Hill Sunset

I asked Matt to drive me to One Tree Hill so that I could take photos of the sunset. I anticipated there being some clouds, yet enough light that things would look pretty dramatic. I was fortunate enough to get about 8 great shots that I will be posting over the next while.

The name of this location is One Tree Hill but about 10 years ago the One Tree was cut down. The official reason was it was cut for firewood. The true reason is that the Maori were making a political statement that this was their land and they could do what they wish. Now the conflict has been settled and a new tree is going to be planted. They will actually plant six trees and wait to see which one is doing the best. Then they will cut down the other five. The remaining tree shall the the One Tree to Rule Them All.

Obviously there are many more trees on this hill. However there was only one at the top, along with a huge concrete monument. The hill was a Maori settlement long before the British arrived. The remains of the settlement are still visible in the form of terraces and depressions that mark the areas where food was stored.

Software used was MacPhun’s Aurora HDR Pro. Photoshop was used to add some texturing. This is a result of some feedback I got on my Google+ account. It was suggested I need to take a more active role in guiding a viewer’s eyes around the image by controlling the light better.

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