I use advertizing on this site to help support my blog and to support myself while I travel the world. I only advertise for companies that I believe in or for products that I use and feel would provide value to others.

Affiliate Marketing

I am a registered affiliate with several different companies. This means that Sponsored Links will be located throughout my web site as inline links or on the sidebars and footers. Using these links allows you to purchase products at regular, and sometimes discounted, price while allowing me to earn a slight percentage of the purchase cost. When you purchase a product by clicking on a links it helps me to keep this web site active, and it helps to keep me traveling.

I am an affiliate marketer for many companies including the links below. I use products from all of these companies and I fully endorse and use the products I link to.

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My email subscription list is only used by me to send you newsletters. I never sell my lists to anyone. I don’t even know how I would go about selling my email list. My newsletters will contain updates, reviews, tutorials, and may contain sponsored links as well. All sponsored and affiliate links will be clearly marked as such.