Running of The Cows

Running of The Cows

So there I was. In Laos, waiting for my bus to show up. A bus that would never show up. Because the driver decided he didn’t want to go to Champasak that day. Hours I waited. Then the cows came. I was helpless. Nothing I could do as they stormed past. Except take out my camera, and hope I didn’t get trampled. I can’t say it was horrifying, but there were moments where I thought these might be my last photos… It was… The Running of The Cows…

Not really.

So when I left Champasak the bus actually never showed up. We called the woman who sold our tickets. And she came through. Instead of the VIP coach I paid for I got a glorified Tuk Tuk. Seriously. It was a pick up truck with a roof on the back. One of the most uncomfortable rides I have had so far. Except for the ride from Vientiane to Pakse but i’m not ready to talk about that one yet. The custard on wonder bread… oh, the humanity…

So anyway, while I waited hours and hours for the bus to arrive I decided to wander up and down the street that was the town. Then along came the cows. Great opportunity.

The image was shot on my Fujifilm X100T, and processed in Lightroom. Nothing fancy was done to the shot. No Photoshop, No Macphun. Nothing of the sort.

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