Sleeping Giant

Sleeping Giant – ISO 800, 35mm (euivalent), f/4.5, 1/18 second, Fujifilm X100T, Handheld (supported by fence)

Sleeping Giant

Today I did the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk. Initially I was feeling pretty uncomfortable with this. Possibly because I have been living on only about 3 hours of sleep per night lately. I am so glad I did this walk. I was prepared to do this walk with a really bad attitude. Part of the bad attitude is that I forgot to bring my tripod. Actually this turned into a favorable thing as there was so much light a tripod was not really required. The path of the photo walk is all familiar territory to me and I felt that there would be no chance I would find anything worthwhile. However the exact opposite happened. I started shooting before I even met up with the rest of the group. And thought the walk officially ended at 5:30pm, I ended up shooting till around 11pm just walking around on my own. I met lots of great people and really had a fun time.

This image is taken in Beacon Hill Park. It was fenced off but fortunately the Fujifilm lens was narrow enough to pass through the fence and get an image of this sculpture. Framing was a bit difficult as there was a blue tarp overtop. I felt the black and white conversion I did really helped bring out the textures on this one.

This image was created using Lightroom along with my new copies of Macphun’s Tonality Pro, and Intensity Pro. I am really enjoying playing with this software. I even did some split toning which is something I have hesitated on doing in the past.

While this is likely not the strongest image I took on the photowalk it did jump out at me when it came time to find an image to post for today. I have to say I also really like the theme of sleep. As I mentioned I am running on very few hours. So I envy this statue to be able to sleep so soundly regardless of the tourists, and photographers stamping by all day.

Also, I once again apologize for the pages not loading correctly. I plan to do some work with WordPress tomorrow to try and get the page back to where I started before hiring an outsourced person. I have already learned a lot about outsourcing so I am not going to get too upset about this failure. Live and Learn. I am just thankful this failure only cost me $60. Really a pretty cheap price to pay to learn a lesson.


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