Sunday Market

Sunday Market: Shot last month in Chiang Mai at the Sunday Market. It was still early and the market was just getting started. The sun was just starting to set in the huge orange way that it does in Chiang Mai. One of the best things about the night markets is the food. I got to try all kinds of new and strange things this night.

Today I am actually on a 12 hour bus ride from Vientiane to Luang Prabong. It should be a great opportunity to see the rural Lao countryside, as well as some really treacherous cliffs along the way. I’m not actually sure how much I’m going to be able to stay awake for the drive. My sleep schedule is about as messed up as it can be. My body seems to prefer staying up late at night and sleeping though the morning. Doesn’t matter what time zone i’m in my body settles into this pattern. However that tends to happen when I am in one place for an extended time. Like when I was in Chiang Mai. Now that I’m on the road again I’m forced into a mure human schedule.

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Growing up one of my biggest dreams was to explore the world. Honestly I never thought this would become reality. But at the end of 2014 I quit my job as a project manager to do just that. I sold most everything I own, packed up the remaining boxes in storage, and set out to see the world. My goals while traveling are to meet people everywhere I go, work on becoming a better photographer, and attempt to stay where the weather is not freezing. Along the way I am posting photos at and writing about my experiences at