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Cambie Bridge and False Creek

Cambie Bridge and False Creek An evening shot taken from the south side of False Creek in Vancouver, BC. Its a great place to go for evening golden hour and blue hour shooting. Awesome scenery and great colours. I decided to record myself creating the final image and post it on Youtube. You can see […]

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Carrbridge Packhorse Bridge, Daily Photo, HDR, Macphun, RoadtripNick, Scotland, Travel, UK, VelvetLounger, bridge, carrbridge, colour, earthtokeir, england united kingdom, lightroom, photoshop, pixelbip, water

Carrbridge Packhorse Bridge

Carrbridge Packhorse Bridge I came across this bridge by complete accident. I was making my way to Inverness and taking random roads as I went. One of the things about Scotland being so small is that it’s easy to take side routes to see random sights and not worry about being late. However, the lack […]

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Daily Photo, HDR, Nam Kahn Bamboo Bridge, River, RoadtripNick, VelvetLounger, bridge, earthtokeir, landscape, loas, luang Probang, pixelbip, sunset, water

Nam Kahn Bamboo Bridge

Nam Kahn Bamboo Bridge. The Nam Kahn river feeds into the Mekong river. This bamboo bridge is built every year in dry season, then when rainy season starts it is disassembled. The rainy season for this year is just around the corner so the bridge may come down any day now. While not a super […]

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