Church, Edinburgh rain, edingurgh, light streaks, long exposure, rain, sky, traffic

Edinburgh Rain

Edinburgh Rain Remembering last winter when the only snow I saw was in the highlands in Scotland. In a rented SUV on small roads that were super steep. That was just after I got kicked out of the Balmoral Castle grounds, and before I made my new home at the Glenlivet distillery. Keir Briscoe Growing […]

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British Columbia, Canada, Granville Bridge Sunset, Ocean, Ship, Vancouver, boats, bridge, long exposure, motorboat, orange, rowboat, sailboat, steamer, sunset, water

Granville Bridge Sunset

Granville Bridge Sunset The south side of False Creek gives a great opportunity to get Golden Hour and Blue Hour images. The skyline starts brightening up before the sun is fully set. With a tripod and a set of neutral density filters I set out to capture the different views of False Creek. I typically […]

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Celebration, New Year 2018, Night, Vancouver, commercial avenue, fireworks, lights, long exposure, new year, night photography

Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year 2018! This is a totally unplanned shot. I was just trying to shoot the house lights when I saw the fireworks from up the street. So I aimed in the general direction, then started a 30 second exposure. Camera was held with a Joby tripod and balanced on the frosty ledge of […]

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