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Tree of Ténéré

Tree of Ténéré Sometimes there is a piece of art that stands out from all the rest in a super dramatic fashion. That is what the Tree of Ténéré did at Burning Man 2017. To me it seemed that the art in 2017 was not as dramatic or awe inspiring as in 2016. All except for […]

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Watching Sea Lions

Watching Sea Lions Watching people watching Sea Lions. This image was shot on one of the many stops the Stray Bus made on my tour of New Zealand. Below the observation deck are many sea lions hanging out on the rocks doing what sea lions do. If you are thinking of visiting New Zealand I […]

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Leaving Don Det

Leaving Don Det The only for leaving Don Det is by boat. It seems my normal way of travel is to wait for the last second on everything I do. I thought in off season that the morning boat would not be crowded at all. The island seemed deserted the night before. But when I got down […]

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