The Green Dragon

After walking around Hobbiton for a half hour or so the group of us was taken to The Green Dragon for a beer. Cozy little bar that I can totally imagine lots of Hobbits running around in. Of course it is built to hold human sized persons and would be huge for a Hobbit.

The beer was actually quite good. I don’t remember what it was but it sure tasted like a Hobbit would drink that kind of beer. There was also snacks to buy but like everything in New Zealand, and especially touristy spots, its just so damn expensive.

Hobbiton was a super cool addition to the New Zealand tour. So glad I got to see it. And, not too remarkably, it looks exactly like it does in the movie, because it is where the movies were filmed and not a recreation. So darn cool!

I would love to be able to go back and take some photos around Hobbiton when the sun is setting. The lower light would look fantastic with deepre shadows and textures.

Image was processed using Macphun’s Aurora HDR Pro. The image is taken handheld. I didn’t thing it would be a good idea to take a tripod into Hobbiton. Then again it was also super sunny out and I didn’t expect The Green Dragon to be so dark inside. I ended up resting the camera on the back of a chair in order to stabilize it.

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