Trees at The Top of Champasak Ruins

Trees at The Top of Champasak Ruins

These trees at the top of champasak ruins are actually not at the very top. But they are almost at the very top. You can see from the horizon how far I had to climb to get this photo. Though it’s not noticeable  in this photo the stairs to go back down start just to the right of the tree on the left. The stairs themselves are very worn and have shifted considerably over the years. So Bonus photo, Here is a shot of how the stairs look from the other direction.

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Trees at The Top of Champasak Ruins

View from the walk up. The other side of the trees.

Champasak, located along the Mekong River near the south end of Laos. I was there in off season so things were very dead tourist wise. Off season is definitely the time to visit. Especially at the site of the ruins where it felt like I had booked the whole place to myself. Apparently, in peak season it gets super busy. Not Angkor Wat kind of busy, but crowded. The site is currently undergoing restoration so there were construction workers and some power tool noises.

How I created it

This image is shot on the super wide 10-18 f/4.0 Sony Zeiss lens on my Sony A7R II. For this shot I overrode the default crop sensor lens and made it shoot at 16mm in all the 42 megapixel glory that the camera is capable of shooting.

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The image is processed in Lightroom, Photoshop, and Macphun’s Aurora HDR Pro. I originally did the editing over a month ago so I don’t remember the exact sequence I used. But before I posted the image today I tweaked it a bit more in Lightroom by removing some of the barrel distortion that is created when shooting super wide.

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