Trounce Alley

Trounce Alley – ISO 2500, 50mm (equivalent), f/2.0, 1/60th second, Fujifilm X100T, Handheld

Trounce Alley

Trounce Alley in Victoria, BC. Recently voted one of the top alleyways in some category by some publication. It’s actually a nice little alleyway right in the middle of downtown Victoria. I remember setting off a fire alarm when I was around 18 by drunkenly trying to climb one of the fire escape ladders. Back then it wasn’t the nicest alleyway. Nothing ever came of setting the alarm off. I just dropped to the ground and wandered off.

This was taken a couple weeks ago when I was wandering downtown with Roland and Mark. The FujiFilm camera I use has the option to do a black and white processing as jpeg along with the RAW file. I took that processed file and did a bit of adjustments using Lightroom and Macphun’s Focus CK. On this image I did a split tone to warm up the highlights and cool off the shadows. I’m liking the effect. It have more of a film feel to it though.


Travel Update

My travel kit is mostly set. I spent part of today doing a test pack and had to make some hard decisions on what I am able to take on this trip. I’m still stubbornly insisting on taking both the Sony and the Fuji cameras. I really think the short 11 day trip through the states will be a great dry run before I head out to New Zealand. For more reading about my travels please check my other blog at

Growing up one of my biggest dreams was to explore the world. Honestly I never thought this would become reality. But at the end of 2014 I quit my job as a project manager to do just that. I sold most everything I own, packed up the remaining boxes in storage, and set out to see the world. My goals while traveling are to meet people everywhere I go, work on becoming a better photographer, and attempt to stay where the weather is not freezing. Along the way I am posting photos at and writing about my experiences at