Vadodara City Zoo

I was really looking forward to my day visiting the zoo. I guess I am used to western zoo’s because I found the Vadodara zoo a bit shocking and honestly depressing. Birds were put in cages far too small to let them fly. The Siberian bear was bald from the shoulders down, and looked very unhappy. Not sure if it was from the heat or if it had some disease. I could not bring myself to even take a photo of it.

I was really looking forward to seeing the lions, tigers and other big cats. The Lion did have a fairly large cage, but none of the other cats did. Every one of them was engaged in repeated behaviour of pacing the exact same pattern in their very small cage.

The zoo was definitely very comfortable for people, but not so much for the animals. It looked like great expense was put into making it a nice relaxing place to hang out for the day or just a few hours. But the end result is that I felt really bad for the animals that were locked up there.

Image was edited with Lightroom. It’s been slightly cropped down to put more of the focus on the cat.

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