Vinyl Underground Bar

Vinyl Underground Bar – HDR, ISO 100, 15mm, f/7.1, 0.8 seconds, Sony A7Rii, Tripod

Vinyl Underground Bar

I did a whole lot of things different for this photo. First it’s 9 images bracketed at 1 stop apart. I wanted to be able to capture all the light available.

Next is that while I shot it on the Sony 10-18mm lens, which defaults to 15-27, I told the camera to ignore the crop factor and use the whole sensor. So it was captured in glorious 42 mega pixels of light. I had so much fun zooming in and out of this photo while I edited it as I was able to read the labels on the bottles of booze.

This is the Vinyl Underground Bar. On my first night in Queenstown the Stray bus had a pizza night here. While i took photos that night I was on the outside of the bar. Tonight I asked the bartender if I could step behind the bar and get this shot. Really glad I did.

Edited with Aurora HDR Pro, Lightroom, and Photoshop

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