Virupaksha Temple

Virupaksha Temple. Yes another image from India. This is the temple that dominates the tiny town of Hampi in India. The town is smaller than a few years ago because the whole area is on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list so the Indian government razed a section of the town to the ground.

Today Hampi and the surrounding temple structures are in total ruins, but in 1450 this was the second largest city in the entire world! The name Hampi means Champion. It was the largest and richest city in the Vijayanagara Empire which had a standing army of a million soldiers. For comparison the US army in 2016 is approximately 1.3 million (not including reserves)Without a doubt visiting Hampi was one of the most memorable and impressive places I visited in India.

If you are planning a trip to India I totally recommend making a stop through Hampi. If you only have a short time for vacation Hampi is a great destination as it’s possible to experience it in within a three day period. But be warned that if you are on a longer trip and don’t have specific plans it’s very easy to get lost in time and find yourself still in Hampi two weeks or longer.

While I was there I stayed at one of the most chill guest houses ever called the Goan Corner. They have accommodations from private rooms with AC to literally sleeping on the roof under a mosquito net. A restaurant onsite serves Indian and Western food, including meat. And the rumor is that within the next few years the Indian government will be razing the the whole area down to return it to its natural UNESCO specifications…

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This image is an HDR comprised of three bracketed shots. Combined in Aurora HDR Pro then tweaked in Lightroom, Photoshop, and more Lightroom. The shot was taken without a tripod though I could probably have brought mine in with no problem. There was a small camera fee of around 2 rupees $0.03 USD and absolutely no restrictions on taking photos of any part of the temple complex.

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