Watching Sea Lions

Watching Sea Lions

Watching people watching Sea Lions. This image was shot on one of the many stops the Stray Bus made on my tour of New Zealand. Below the observation deck are many sea lions hanging out on the rocks doing what sea lions do.

If you are thinking of visiting New Zealand I suggest doing the Stray Bus tour. It’s a hop on hop off bus so you can get off anytime if you want to stay longer in a specific place. When I did the tour I extended my time in Queenstown to 6 nights to better enjoy what that city has to offer. If you are interested in doing the bus tour let me know and I can give you a promo code to use. Due to terms with Stray Bus I can’t post the promo code directly in this article.

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The image is edited in Lightroom and Photoshop. To remove the very slight amount of noise in the image I used Macphun’s Noiseless CK.


Coming up soon I am going to start posting some videos of me showing how I edit the images I work on. Stay tuned.

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