Where is the Cat?

Where is the Cat? – ISO 2000, 16mm, f/8.0, 1/20 sec. Canon 5DM3, Tripod

Where is the Cat?

Where is the Cat? great question. The answer is in the photo below.

Last night I decided to go out and get some sweet photos of the water. The night before that we had a storm and I got some great images but last night was a whole lot calmer. Undaunted I set up my tripod and took photos of the gently crashing waves. However I did the best I could with the minimal waves. I tried long exposures, but that just tended to make the rocks in the water look blurry and out of focus. So I ended up choosing this image which was relatively at hight speed at 1/20 of a second. My other images were between 4 and 20 seconds and they ended up looking like crap.

The image was edited into Black and White using Tonality Pro, with a few tweaks in Lightroom, and a couple radio towers removed with Photoshop. A wee bit of cropping took out the nasty motion sensor lights that were on the cabin.

While I was out on the rocks I had a little friend come out and check out what I was doing. Honestly I have no idea where the cat came from, and after I let it rub against my tripod, and gave it a scalp rub it just disappeared. No idea whatever. It could have swum away for all I know.

So this image is actually in the field of view of the image I posted yesterday. And if you want to see the cat here it is.


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